Premier’s plastic dock wheels are designed for roll-in docks and boat lifts. Because they are made of heavy duty plastic, they will never wear out; won’t rust on the shaft; roll easily on all terrains; will handle even the heaviest docks; and require no maintenance. Optional water inlets and drains are available.

Reduce your labor and time costs, and forget those trips to the salvage yard for rims and tires; and problems matching tires to your rims.

Dock Wheel Specifications

Outside Diameter: 24″
Tread Surface Width: 8″
Hub Size: 4″ diameter x 7 3/4″ long
Shaft Size: 1.98″ diameter (for 1 1/2″ galvanized)
Water Inlet/Drain Holes: Not Standard (A number of 1/2″ Holes can be drilled in wheel if needed)
Color: Black
Structural Strength: 700 lb capacity per dock wheel